Stand out from the crowd.
Birth- days.
Pop Star.
7-9 years old

Feel like organizing the coolest musical  birthday party for your child? Stand out from the crowd with a unique party that kids will remember all their life!

10-12 years old

Offer your pre-teen the perfect musical superstar party including red carpet photoshoot, studio recording of his/her favourite song at your home or venue!

Dance Star.
7-12 years old

An entertaining kids musical dance birthday party with choreography, singing, accessories, the studio recording of their favourite song and music video.

Teen Social Media Star.
13-17 years old

Snapchat & Instagram on the red carpet to WOW with fun photos & video shots. A recording studio and awesome accessories!


What MSP put together was great for young and old, musically inclined or not. The idea was to have fun and try something a little different and you did not disappoint...what a great memento!


It was fantastic. Actual Rock Stars in my house!!


MSP is amazing at what they do and created an atmosphere of fantastic fun.


I would highly recommend MSP to anyone hosting a party...what a great memento!


We loved every aspect of learning how a song is produced...Definitely looking forward to doing it again!

Wedding Theme Song.

Surprise them all with your wedding theme song performed by your guests! A unique entertainment idea & wedding memento you will cherish for life. A recording studio at your wedding venue.

Star Bachelorette.

You’re the maid of honor, best friend, or the bride’s relative and need to organize a bachelorette party? We have the solution for you. A fun & unforgettable party she’ll cherish for life!

Star Party.

Turning 30, 40..or 70 or just organizing a house party? Don’t miss out on an exceptional musical star party celebration: Red carpet photos & studio recording at your venue!

Daycare & CPE Stars.

A fun & entertaining Daycare and CPE musical animation that kids will love! Red carpet photos, accessories, singing and dancing.