Immortalize your event.
Red Carpet Party.

Whether you’re organizing an office party, networking event, fundraiser or celebrating a big contract win, this package is the perfect icebreaker that is sure to spruce up your event. Red carpet photos, live acoustic duo band and a studio recorded song featuring your guests/employees. Discover this package now!


What MSP put together was great for young and old, musically inclined or not. The idea was to have fun and try something a little different and you did not disappoint...what a great memento!


It is a daring and creative exercise of harmonization that brings teams together.


We felt the power of group singing on all the participants [...] it gave us goosebumps.


A company theme song written by and for the employees is avant-garde and full of common sense.


A truly amazing Team Building activity!

Team Building.

Watch your team sing a song they all love while we coach them through it and produce/record their track with our mobile studio. A guaranteed fun and entertaining corporate team building activity.


Re-write the lyrics of your team favorite song to represent your group values & mission and record it live with our mobile studio. An excellent corporate team building activity stimulating creativity and innovation.

Company Theme Song.

Why not have your employees write your own company theme song? Our music professionals will coach you in the process so you can share it with the world! A unique corporate team building activity everyone will be proud of.

Conference Icebreaker.

Conference icebreakers are very important for a successful event. This program is a crowd pleaser. It creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for your participants that will help make your conference a huge success.