About Us

A competent and dynamic team.
My Studio Party
Our Mission.
Our mission is to provide you with a unique musical experience you will never forget, regardless of age or musical ability. The music is in you.

We strive to inspire you with a unique musical experience instilling openness, self-confidence and creativity.


We strive to excel at everything we do. Our team of professionals are constantly innovating to improve our customers’ experience.


We encourage collaboration within our team, with our customers and partners. It is the key to our success.

Our Story.

Some say that behind every success there is a story.
The idea of MSP came about during a conversation with a friend over dinner. She was looking for fun and unique ideas to celebrate her 10 year old daughter’s birthday, a  child passionate about music. That was a true revelation! It was at that moment that the idea of ‘My Studio Party’ was born.


Our team consists of passionate people and renowned musicians: artists, entrepreneurs, sound engineers, singers-songwriters and entertainers that love to share their talent and gift of music.

It has been proven throughout history that music is a powerful tool that brings people together regardless of their differences. Why not use it to create strong memorable moments to cherish for years to come?

We look forward to creating these memories for you.

Claire Hayek.
Co-Founder & CEO

A singer-songwriter-producer, entrepreneur and engineer, Claire’s passion for music is the drive behind MSP’s success and versatility. A true innovator, Claire strongly believes in music’s ability to inspire creativity, synergy and team work.

Her album «Intention» (2008) was among the top five most requested ‘Indie’ artists. Claire (Coco) Hayek music includes smash club hits Analemma‐I Will Follow You and Miss You. Her music has been featured on renowned TV shows such as ‘Dance moms’ and ‘Raising Sextuplets’. She is also a member of the Québécois world music group L’Esprit des Vents, that has two albums under its belt.

A McGill-HEC Montréal graduate with a masters degree in executive business administration, Claire Hayek remains a citizen of the world. The artist and environmentalist, supports two non-profit organizations as a president of the board of GaïaPresse and an administrator of the board of Soverdi. Claire has been recently nominated as an administrator of the board of Artisti that protects, preserves and promotes the performing artists rights. It’s her way of giving back to others what life has offered her.

Rob MacDonald.
Co-Founder & Production Director

Rob MacDonald, co-founder, guitar player virtuoso and producer, is MSP’s team music expert and audio/video production director. Rob has been touring and recording with a wide variety of Quebec artists for more than 25 years and can be heard on countless television shows, documentaries and movies over that same period.

His own original playing style and compositions have earned him accolades across Canada and in Europe as well as numerous awards over the years as both a musician and a producer.

Alex Lafontaine.
Sales, Marketing & Facilitation

Creative and multi-talented, Alex graduated from HEC Montreal with a BBA in Accounting and obtained a Diploma in Public Relation from Concordia University, before pursuing a career as a photographer and graphic designer. As a photography teacher, she has the ability to engage her students and is passionate about sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Alex is always on the lookout for inspiration to feed her creativity. She has a business mindset, but she is an artist at heart. She developed a passion for photography at a young age, studied music extensively and practiced synchronized swimming for a number of years. Her unique background and her endless curiosity have allowed her to acquire a distinctive set of skills.

Rima Hayek.
Singer & Animator

Rima Hayek, singer and animator at MSP, is an educator for pre-school children. Rima did many puppet show animation tours for elementary schools. She has many years of live show performance experience. Her passion for music and animation as well as her positive energy gels perfectly with the MSP team!

Kate Alsterlund aka Agent Lynx.
Dancer & Animator

MSP choreographer, dancer and animator, Agent Lynx entered the world of Street Dance in 1998 with her B-girl crew Ellementale 5 and continues on to this day with her current all female crew Legendary.

Graduating with a BFA with Distinction in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, she has danced for several dance companies and her own choreographic work has been presented at Festivals in Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.  Lynx has trained intensively in Breaking and Street Dance Styles with local and international master teachers from 1999 until the present day.

A dance teacher since 2002, Lynx continues to teach hundreds of students of all ages, including UQAM dance students, youth at risk and children with disabilities, in Montreal and throughout Canada. She has also won 16 major competitions in North America and is often invited to judge competitions in Montreal, across Canada and internationally.

Lynx has been honoured with multiple awards from the Canadian and Montreal community ‘In recognition of her ongoing dedication and contributions to the Hip Hop Community’ and is a renowned B-girl who has left her mark on the Canadian scene.